store update jan. 20th

Through trades and good old fashioned buying we were able to add the following records to our online shop:

AYS - suburban haze 7" buy

Fed to the Wolves - s/t 7" buy

HELL & BACK - everything… 7" listenbuy

Raw Justice - s/t 7" last 1st press copies available in europe buy

Static Void - duality 7" listenbuy

In other more sad news the No Thanks LPs that were listed as coming soon are definitely lost due to idiots working at either german customs or DHL and the singer for the band, who sent them to us is for reasons unknown not able to talk to the postal service about a refund. No idea what the problem is. Instead I always get the same answer she claims to be getting from her post office over and over again. The package is in Germany which according to german customs it is not anymore. Totally bummed about the hit we had to take on that. Money gone and no records. Sucks!

Also it looks like our last order from Ugly Pop Records got lost. The first time we ordered from them there was no problem so I guess this is again on behalf of german customs or DHL. WTF?!?!!? But we are still trying to sort it out with the label. Maybe they get returned to them. We'll keep you posted.

And the last bit of bad news is that for whatever reasons I am not getting a total for my combined order from Radio Raheem & Painkiller Records. It's the same guy behind both operations so I asked if he could send everything together so we could save on postage and therefore get them to you cheaper. He wrote it would be no problem and that he would get back to me with a total… Several weeks and emails later…. Still waiting for that. No reply anymore at all. What's up with that?

I feel cursed….

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