Alona's Dream Records has pre-orders up for the


Naturally we can't pass on a classic like that so we put in an order for a few copies and Chris told us he wants to give our copies a SPECIAL treatment so they STICK OUT from the rest. How awesome is that?! Thank you Chris!!!

So keep your eyes on us if you want to get a copy that's even more limited than the pre-order version he is putting together.

Although I have to say that a screenprinted cover is nothing to sneeze at and you can even choose between black and clear vinyl.
If that's your kinda thing you should hurry and pre-order your copy here now. I sure did!

test pressing
silkscreened pre-order sleeve with clear vinyl

In other great news the records from Radio Raheem / Painkiller aka ABUSED, BREAKDOWN, HIGH & MIGHTY, SACRILEGE are finally in transit towards us.

There's even a slight possibility to get some No Thanks LPs. The original shipment was lost but we might get a few copies when 50% of us are in the US in march. We'll keep you posted about that.

Cockney Rejects & The Business 7"es though have still not arrived with us and might be lost too. Damn fucking postal service. What's wrong with them? How do you lose a package? Where did it go? Anyway we decided to wait a little longer and hope the records will arrive but if they don't Ugly Pop will send our order again once the repress is in. While that is very generous of them we really hope the original shipment will show up so no one has to take a hit.

Stay Alert!

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