What a shitload of work that was. Again. But hey... you want it to look good, well that don't come from nothing. We think the Tapes came out beautifully except for this tiny little flaw. Actually it's not a flaw but a fuck up on our behalf. Somehow we designed them to be GIHC.003 which they are NOT. Don't ask.... The Hangin' Tough 7" is no. 3. TØRSÖ - 3 pezzi Tape is GIHC.004 despite what it says on the cover. At least we got it right on the included label flyer.

In other news we restocked on those TRENCHES demo tapes that sold out so fast the first time around. Those copies again are from the batch that was RELEASED BY THE BAND and we got a few buttons with them. First come first serve.
We heard there's a euro pressing of that out now too but we don't have any of those.

Last but not least we found some more PUNCH SHIRTS that were in a box which was supposed to only be holding records. So there are more of the LIVE + SNAKE DESIGNS online. DIFFERENT SIZES this time around.

Go check everything new in the store!

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