HANGIN' TOUGH 7" pre-order

Yo wassup,
this blogging thing is really taking a back seat to everything else that's going on in my life. Sorry 'bout that. Life's a mess... life's stress... but I won't bore you with the details. You probably know what I'm on about so let's cut to the chase.

After two sold out pressings of the HANGIN' TOUGH demo on Save My Soul Records in 2011 which is available as a free download on their bandcamp or still as the US Tape release on Crackin' Up Tapes we agreed to put out their 7" for which the pre-orders are up for a while already with the Pre-Order sleeve out of 50 copies on black vinyl already being sold out and regular black vinyl edition out of 50 being down to 26 copies available as of now so you better act fast if you still want to get one of those. If you can't be bothered with what color vinyl you get you can relax though. Still plenty of white vinyl copies available.

As a little teaser we put up some Shirt bundles that save you 2€ compared to buying each item seperately. Also this is your ONLY CHANCE to get the Shirt in SIZE XXL. There will probably be more Shirts printed than there are pre-ordered but there will most likely be no XXL available after the pre-order ended. So get on it!!
More Hangin' Tough Shirst are available from their shop.

Here's a snippet of what's to come. Cologne Straight Edge in full effect.


This is GIHC.003

pressing info as we planned it:
50 copies black vinyl + pre-order sleeve
50 copies black vinyl
200 copies white vinyl

exact numbers in the releases section as soon as the records are back from the pressing plant.

Peace out

For everyone wondering what's happened to no. 2.... we ran into some difficulties that totally are all our fault which we sincerely would like to apologize for but we're still on it. Tapes are with us already we just need to get the covers figured out. That's the problem if you want to do something special but end up realizing you don't have the time for it. SUCKS!!! SORRY!!!!

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