New GIHC releases info + Distro update

Hello everybody,
here's the current status of our Enterprise ;)

Our first release the MINUTES - narrations about the god of dogs 12" (listen) saw the light of day on April 20th. Unfortunately we ran into some difficulties printing the covers and B-sides so at their release show on said day only the limited edition was ready to go.

and it took us about two months to finally get the regular edition done. But now it's all finished up and we sent some copies out for review. As soon as we get to know about them being out there you can read them here along with the pressing info.

More releases are in the pipeline:

Counter - demo Tape
raw, fast youth crew from San Francisco

Crushed - Tape
NYHC from.... New York

Hangin' Tough - 7"
Infamous Kings of Straight Edge from Germany who would fit in well with the early Lockin' Out Records roster


Recently we got our hands on a beautiful 90s hardcore collection of almost 200 items ranging form great and dirt cheap to rare and hurting your wallet a little more. The lot features among others the releases you can see in the pictures below:

of course we also have some brand new items in stock for you:

and this is some of the stuff we're about to be getting in sooner or later:


And last but not least we do have the following merch new in the store since our last newsletter:

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GIHC Bandcamp

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