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long time no see. Sorry 'bout that. Been busy as always and a pic upload on Facebook is done a little faster than writing a blogpost. So maybe you should consider liking us over there.

Since our last update we talked to people. trawled the www, ploded through record boxes on fleamarkets, and even joined Kid Dynamite on their 2 exclusive european shows at the Groezrock Fest. All to bring some more heat to our online shop. And here is what's new:

2nd Hand records:
JUDGE - new york crew 7" (Revelation Records, yellow cover, white lyricsheet)
TELEVISION - marquee moon LP (OG 1977 UK press w/ butterfly labels)

new stuff & restock:
ABSOLUTION - s/t 7" (Lush Life NYC, remastered edition sounding WAY better than the OG pressing)
MINUTES - narrations about the god of dogs 12" (Good Intentions HC, finally available, our first release)
PUNCH - an incomplete history Tape (we managed to get the last 3 copies that were available from the label. OOP material)
REACTIONARIES - ingenuity LP (Deranged Records, true Stooges/MC5/Velvet Underground worship)
RICHIE DAGGER - jaded man LP (Quadrofoon Records, more Stooges/MC5 less Velvet Underground by some of the same guys as in Reactionaries)
V/A - NEW BREED 2LP (Lush Life NYC, vinyl pressing of this legendary late 80s Tape comp. w/ bonus tracks)

KID DYNAMITE - euro trip Tee
MINUTES - wolf design Tee

and last but not least we got some nice RFTC swag:

....and no. Of course that's not enough!
There are other things coming our way:
THE ABUSED - discography LP (Radio Raheem Records, comes w/ big booklet featuring the art of K. Crowley, yes he's the singer for The Abused, classic stuff)
ALTERCATION -demo 7" (Lush Life NYC, classic late 80s NYHC)
BORED YOUTH - november 1981 7" (Alona's Dream Records, first recordings of this classic Detroit band)
NECROS - club house session 7" (Alona's Dream Records, never before released session from nov. '81)
STUPIDS - demonstration Tape '89 7" (Alona's Dream Records, recently discovered studio demos for an album that was never released)

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