Off the ground!!

Hello everybody!

We're finally able to go public. I can't tell you how stoked I am to finally do this. It was A LOT of work. Taking up even more of my time than I guessed. And liked for that matter because I could have needed some more time to recuperate from my actual job. But hey it is what it is. I just hope it was all well worth the hassle and throwbacks we encountered and the hard work we put into it. So one way or the other I'd like this to be rewarding ;) But enough of that.

What can you expect from us. Well, for now we can offer you Merch from 4 Bands namely PUNCH, LOMA PRIETA, DANGERS and BEAU NAVIRE. Now that might not look that special to you but we are located in Germany and are the ONLY PLACE you can get those Shirts IN EUROPE. Saving the kids some money on postage and helping out our friends in the Bands. Which is the main idea behind all this and we sure hope to expand that part of our Shop. If you want us to do the same for your band just get in touch via We work closely with the fine folks at PRESSURE AND INK SCREENPRINTING. So after we agreed on a deal you just have to send us the design and we'll take care of the rest. It's that easy ;)

For the same reason we are also doing xCATALYSTx EUROPE!

And because I still have that old distro of mine and some leftover Sandblaster Records releases we also added that to the mix. The old list is way outdated. A lot of the rare stuff is sold but we are working on getting more of that and also just ordered a couple of classic reissues and fanclub editions I never had available before like INDIAN SUMMER & ORDINATION OF AARON discographies, THE CURE demos 77-78 LP, INFEST '87 demo LP, DISCHARGE early demos LP and a couple more.


If you want us to carry your records or get rid of your collection (vinyl only) get in touch with us via

And as if that wouldn't already be enough Good Intentions is not only a distribution but also a Label and we are currently working on our first two releases. A demo Tape by xCOUNTERx with members of Skin Like Iron and other well known bands who play great rough youth crew hardcore. And the other release will be a one sided 12" by MINUTES whose members played their asses of in several good bands before but which unfortunately never really got anywhere. They play a variety of hardcore that reminds we of Struggle and sometimes a bit of Ink And Dagger. I bet if this was the 90s they'd be released by Ebullition.

Thank you for your time and feel free to follow this blog, like us on facebook and tell all your friends.


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